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Earl Set - Top and Pants Green Cotton

Rs. 11,640.00 INR

The Earl set looks breathtaking with its unique design and combination of a flared top and cowl pants. Its a short length peplum style top, adds a touch of femininity and flare to the ensemble. The flared mul panel on the sides, embellished with Katha, adds an exquisite and eye-catching detail to the top.The front opening of the top, along with delicate embroidery on its placket, creates a beautiful focal point. The subtle embroidery colors add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design The draped fabric of the pants adds movement and flow to your look, creating an effortless and chic appearance. The embellishments, embroidery, and drape of the pants add an element of elegance and sophistication.

Length (Inch)  Top : 31"  Pants : 35"

 Fit : Regular Fit Material : Cotton


*The subtle imperfections in the weave, texture and colours are a natural outcome of handcrafted textiles and not a defect


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