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Dara Set - Dress and Jacket - Beige With Green Cotton

Rs. 17,280.00 INR

Introducing Dara, the enchanting set that captures the melodious essence of flowers and embodies the playful spirit of spring. This meticulously tailored ensemble consists of a charming jacket and a delightful dress, perfect for those who appreciate the finer details.

Crafted with finesse, Dara showcases delicate floral hand embroidery, bringing the beauty of blooming gardens to life. Each intricate stitch is a testament to our dedication to quality and artistry. The crochet tassels add a touch of whimsy and movement, enhancing the overall playful aesthetic.

Length (Inch)  Dress : 50"  Jacket : 53"

 Fit : Regular Fit Material : Cotton


*The subtle imperfections in the weave, texture and colours are a natural outcome of handcrafted textiles and not a defect


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