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About Us

DVE find its charm in traditional skills from India. It is not about fashion, but about pure enjoyment of shapes, colours, materials & crafting techniques. The spirit of DVE takes its shape in soulful Clothing & Jewellery that lives on through individual expression.

‘DVE’, In Sanskrit
Means ‘Two’,

it is the fashion cycle which has two wheels, one represents the basic need for mankind i.e. cloth, and other is to glorify & complete the perfect look i.e jewellery. The cycle cannot work without any of its wheels.

It Is Established With An Ideology

to depict stories of craftsmanship, beauty of authenticity & charm of nostalgia. We take pride to be originated in India & promote it through our crafting techniques & ethical sourcing of raw materials. Each of the timeless piece curated by us has a story to feel. Its unique aesthetics bridges the east west sensibilities. We will try to give you a glimpse of our journey through the products of our collection.